Would you like your friends to send you anonymous messages & opinions?

Secret Msg link is an interactive secret message Dare Game, where you can compliment and get complimented by your friends, family, and close ones, keeping the users’ privacy safe.

You can create a secret msg link that you can share with your friends to receive secret feedback for yourself. Here is a short guide:

  • Please enter your name here. Click on the Create Link button!
  • You will create your secret link. Please share it with your friends.
  • They will provide you with secret feedback.
  • You will see everyone’s secret msg by using your secret link!.
  • Take a Screenshot of your login PIN to log in again.

Click here to create your secret msg link!

No matter if you are shy to compliment someone or introverted in general, you can use the anonymity of our platform to give and receive anonymous compliments and texts.

It is important to take suggestions and compliments from your friends and acquaintances positively. Using the “Share” button under a message, you can share messages that you receive as a Status/Story. When you reach the share page, you can follow the instructions to share the secret message you received.

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Note: This is just a hobby project and not a business. The website is made and maintained by me alone.